Study Abroad

Our Services :

  • Information and orientation on study abroad opportunities (UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, China…)
  • Guaranteed admissions in these countries, with accommodation
  • Full assistance and solutions for student visa procedures

Translation – Interpretation Services

Our services :

  • Professional Translation Services (English, French, Spanish…)
  • Conference Interpretation (Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispering)
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (Conference)


Douala : 1er Étage Immeuble CBC Bank Deido (en face Deido Pharmacy),
Blvd de la République
PO Box 1609 – Douala, Cameroon
Tel: +237 699961168 / 677521606

Yaoundé : 1er Étage Immeuble Radio Sky 1 (en face Boulangerie Calafatas)